Help Finding a Therapist

Suggestions to Find a Therapist

  • Call your insurance company – look for the phone # on the back of your insurance wallet card – In some cases, the insurance company is mandated by law to find you a therapist within their network within a specific amount of time.
  • Ask your physician or other healthcare providers for a referral
  • Call your Employee Assistance Program (generally 3 – 6 free visits)
  • Try a free referral system like Quartet Health Sutter Health in Northern CA uses Quartet to help patients find therapists. Ask your Sutter doctor or contact Quartet directly.
  • Ask friends for a recommendation
  • Call your local county mental health department
  • Call the your local 2-1-1 line
  • Check the Yellow Pages (yes, some therapists still list themselves in the phone book!)

Click links to search your insurance company’s online therapist / provider locator tool

Websites to Search (new directories pop up occasionally)


Military & Veterans – FREE

Man-Made Trauma & Disaster Victims – FREE

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