Bonnie is a storyteller and volunteer for Compassion & Choices.  She was a presenter on Medical Aid in Dying at City of Hope’s CME End of Life Symposium December 16-18, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Bonnie is a volunteer for Full Circle of Living and Dying in Nevada County, California

Resume/CV available upon request

Me, Myself, and I.

Life is complex. Bonnie finds joy, meaning, and purpose in a variety of activities. Here’s a bit about her.

Bonnie McKeegan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW23344) in Grass Valley, California. Her professional experiences began in substance abuse treatment in the ’90s when she sought to help addicts and families seeking recovery after loving and living with an addict. In 1998, after earning her Master in Social Work degree with a concentration in health, she transitioned to county mental health.  In 2001, Bonnie sought out her professional dream: a social work job in healthcare. She went to work for Sutter Health which remained her professional home until 2013 when she was ready for the next profound experience. She spent a few months working for hospice, then, when her mother was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer, she spent a year off work concentrating on family and evaluating career options. The call to return to work as a “helper” was irresistible. She began her private psychotherapy practice in late 2014. The difficult decision to close her practice in July 2022 grew out of life’s ever-changing landscape.

Witnessing death and dying processes, events, and rituals, both professionally and personally, has profoundly changed Bonnie’s life in both sad and surprisingly joyful ways.

Bonnie loves all sorts of creativity from crocheting, photography, sewing (and now quilting!), gardening, drawing, and painting to the challenge of creative writing. Quiet nature walks and lake days bring her in tune with life in a way that talking cannot accomplish. Taking care of her deceased mother’s flower gardens is a personal quest to keep weedy invaders and relentless destructive critters from taking over.

Bonnie’s most joyful and meaningful experiences continue to be watching her twin boys grow into beautiful young men. What a ride life is!

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